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While at lunch last Friday (1/3/20) Emma, age 3, and I were talking about the shirt I was wearing. It was teaching shirt with a globe in the shape of an apple.  She thought it was "so silly" that the earth looked like an apple.  I explained to her my shirt was a teacher's shirt and that apples are a symbol of teaching and education. She asked why and I explained that a long time ago students gave their teachers apples to thank them for teaching them.  Today (1-10-20) Emma brought three apples to school to give her three teachers.  I am so proud of her.  Emma has amazing conversations skills and memory retention plus her ability to relate conversations to her real life is awesome. 

 Story submitted by Stacy Corace, teacher at the Mt. Chestnut location.

Recent News Updates

Infant Toddler Contracted Slots Awarded

​​Good news! We recently received notification that we were the recipients of 20 Infant Toddler Contracted Slots through the State of Pennsylvania funding. OCDEL, The Office of Child Development and Early Learning, is providing the funding, and the funding will go directly to the local ELRC.  There were three recipients in ELRC Region 3. The 20 slots we received will be located at our Bon Aire site. Enrollment will begin in January 2020. We are very excited for this new endeavor! 

An Apple for the Teacher!