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139 Rieger Road

Butler, PA 16001
Phone: 724-287-2761
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Private Kindergarten Location

The child care program at BCCC Inc. includes an approved, private Kindergarten that operates under the auspices of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Approved Private School Division.  The program offers 2 ½ hours of Kindergarten instruction delivered by a teacher who is PA State Certified in Elementary Education.  Whether your child will go on to public or private school for first grade, the hands on curriculum and small group size of the BCCC Inc. Kindergarten program make this an ideal setting for children to learn all the skills needed to succeed in the first grade and beyond.

 Kindergarten, is a minimally priced, add on to our child care program. Childcare service is available, on site, both before and after Kindergarten. BASD provides transportation from BCCC Inc., to and from Center Township Elementary School for children who attend Center Township’s morning Kindergarten session. 

Bon Aire Kindergarten 

131 Homewood Drive, Butler, PA 16001

Private Kindergarten Program