Pre K Counts

Pre-K Counts is a high quality pre-kindergarten program provided free of charge to income eligible three and four year old children.   Eligible children live in families earning up to 300% of the poverty level and may be affected by other risk factors such as special needs or learning English as a second language.

Pre-K Counts classrooms are taught by certified teachers who have specialized training in early childhood education.  Research-based curriculum is linked to ongoing child assessment and results in individualized learning plans for each child.  The individual plans are carried out one-on –one, in small groups, and in large groups.   The maximum group size is twenty children.  The Teacher and an Assistant Teacher facilitate growth and development in a classroom setting that is furnished with a wide variety of age appropriate learning materials.

Classrooms operate six hours per day, five days per week and follow the calendar of their school district.  BCCC Inc. operates pre-counts classrooms in Center Avenue School –Butler Area School District and in Sugarcreek Elementary School –Karns City School District. 

Pre-K Counts Application

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