Home Based Head Start

You are your child's first and most influential teacher!

The Head Start Home Based option is designed to help you, as you help your child to grow and learn.  Once a week, a Parent Educator will come to your home.  Your home visit will last 90 minutes.  You, your spouse or partner, your child’s brothers and sisters and other household members can all take part.  

During the visit you and your Parent Educator will talk together about your child and how things are going with your family.  Together, you will plan activities for you to do with your child during home visits and during the week between visits.  Over time you will become partners in helping your child to grow and learn. 

Twice a month, you and your child will meet with other children and parents at Center Day.  You will have time to get to know one another and share your experiences.  Your Parent Educator will be present also.  There will be a variety of activities for you and your child to participate in as you learn and play alongside the other children and parents.

A delicious and nutritious meal is also provided at Center Day. Occasionally, field trips to local attractions are scheduled.

The program provides support to families who may need transportation to and from Center Day.  In addition, on site babysitting can be scheduled for your child’s brothers and sisters so that you can participate with your child in Center Day.

If you are ready to become involved in your child's learning and success, you are ready for the Home-Based Head Start Program!

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